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Natalie B

sterling silver ornate stanhope cross 1950's

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This Vintage Cross Necklace by Natalie B features an ornate sterling silver Baguette Stanhope Cross circa 1950's. When you hold the cross up to your eye you can view the Lord's Prayer in the center viewing lens. Makes a beautiful gift.

  • Made in USA
  • Vintage Sterling Silver Cross Circa 1950's

Fit Guide:

  • 30" in length
  • One Size Only
Natalie B Jewelry collections range from trendy to classic, the pieces are an eclectic mix of times and trends. Scouting style through world travel, Natalie journeys to beautiful places such as Bali, Istanbul, Vienna and Milan to render beautiful jewelry with an unmatched style. Along with her travels the weekly trips to those same vintage markets and bazaars of her upbringing as well as secret treasure spots of which she will never tell round out her specialty selections.