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What is your creative outlet?
My creative outlet is putting together masterpieces in the kitchen and experimenting with new dishes and exotic foods.

Who's your fashion icon?
I can't say that I have one main fasion icon in particular, but I get inspired by anything that catches my eye. I love the energy and uniqueness of Gwen Stefani's style, but I also love the simple elegance of Angelina Jolie.

How would you describe your style?
I'm mostly beachy and relaxed with a grungy flair. I also love vintage 60s and 70s wear; you could say I'm a bit of a modern hippie.

What item can't you live without?
My low top converse and Betsey Johnson shades!

Angel Blog of the Week
We got some gorgeous new silk retro Cleopatra-esque Mara Hoffman dresses in this week at the store.. of course my Egyptian eye was drawn right to them! As always, Veronica M has a few beautiful new long dresses, and Larok has a few sexy bejeweled and yet super comfy cotton pieces that are a must for the summer heat. How cute is Jen's little rescue kitten?! Everyone, please please please, adopt or rescue, don't buy pets! There are thousands of precious little lives that are wasted every single day because a lack of homes. You could be a hero in someone's little tiny eyes! Till next week


Twelfth Street by
Cynthia Vincent
Long Sleeve Blousy Dress