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What is your creative outlet?
Playing bass in the band Little Girls Love Leather Couches with my lovers.

Who's your fashion icon?
Michael Jackson

How would you describe your style?
Dark with some sunshine.

What item can't you live without?
My music and girlfriends.

Angel Blog of the Week
As much as all of us beach bums are sad that summer is fading away, there are many things to look forward to! Like all the layers and cozy sweaters we get to slip on, and our scarves to accessorize with. We have so many new amazing sweaters from Goddess to Dear Cashmere, you just can't get enough of! And to complete my winter wear outfits- ill be living in the Kettle Black short fringe boots (my next purchase) . Come visit all the girls at the Malibu Store we will be sure to bundle you up in style for fall! xx Kendra


Butterfly Sleeve Tunic