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What is your creative outlet?
I'm the buyer of Planet Blue, designer and co-owner of Blue Life and co-owner of Movement showroom.

Who's your fashion icon?
My fashion icons are Sharon Stone in Casino, Michelle Pfieffer in Scarface, Penelope Cruz in Blow and Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. In real life, well that's easy, Erin Wasson, Kate Moss and a side of Johnny Depp.

How would you describe your style?
I'm a gypsy, bohemian, rock-and-roller. I am a world traveler and a lot of my personal style has been inspired by the different countries and cultures I've visited in my life.

What item can't you live without?
My feather earring by Ra Creations and Kombucha. This month I'm loving Gingerberry. I am so addicted to it. There are worse things to crave... right?

Angel Blog of the Week
First off, I hope you all voted!!! Use your right to make a difference. We fought hard for the privilege, so do your part in making history. Winter is finally starting to roll in. I love this time of year in Malibu. The summer crowds are gone, the sunsets are amazing (as you can see in a bunch of our pictures) and there's something very sexy, moody and electric in the air. Just when I am craving a change...summer kisses us goodbye and we get a quick taste of the chill of winter. Its nice to be able to break out all of my cozy stuff. Thigh high socks and cashmere sweaters, wool hats, tights and beat up boots. Fashion is fun right now. I'm seeing a big 90's resurgence. Dr.Martens and black thigh highs. Think of the movie "The Craft". And as one of this seasons fashion icons...who better than Courtney Love. Leather and lace. Under garments worn as clothing. Grunge is back. Choker necklaces. Silver jewelry. Lots of layered chains. Rhynstones, punk rock studs and cuffs of all sorts. Black tights, textured, ripped and made from all different fabrications. If you don't have a flannel yet, get one from Kettle Black. "The Hills" girls are wearing them constantly. And get yourself a leather jacket. We have some killer choices. This is a must have and will get better with age. So spend the money, you won't be sorry. A good look for the season. Wear your denim cut offs over black tights, with a slubby boyfriend t-shirt and an insane leather jacket. Throw on with Dr.Martens or any old boots, a pair of sunnies, a great bag, layer on a ton of chain necklaces on and you are ready to rock and roll! Peace and luv always...


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