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What is your creative outlet?
Working on my jewelry, Ra Creations, that I started with my friend, Anahit.

Who's your fashion icon?
Kate Moss

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as bohemian, beachy and relaxed.

What item can't you live without?
My gray YaYa sweater.

Angel Blog of the Week
Hi! Well its been a couple of weeks, but hope everyone is doing great!!!The Malibu store has been doing great, we've been selling alot of long dresses, it's either gypsy or tbags but they are ah----sellin!!!! We've had alot of Celeb favorites over the past couple of weeks Sienna Miller, Shannon Doherty, Suzanne Summers, Rinka just to name a few. Hope all is well I have a crazy week ahead of me as for a weekend of rafting and camping with my friends... I'll keep you posted!!! P.S. Prey that I don't fall out of my raft


Twelfth Street by
Cynthia Vincent
Gladiator Wedge

Geren Ford
Rivet Jumper